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  • The system allows me to control access through fingerprint?

    Yes. Our software supports more than 150 biometric readers of the international market and further control turnstiles or access control barriers.

  • Can I control my services time restrictions?

    Yes. This feature allows you to create special services for hours valleys, charging a lower rate the full schedule.

  • Can I control the debt portfolio?

    Yes. The system performs the collection process automatically from access control, informing the customer of its activity or delinquency in dues or outstanding balances.

  • Can I control my accounting and my finances?

    Yes. Our goal is to provide practical, simple and integrated tools that allow consultation with the speed of a click, a financial statement, such as profit and loss or balance sheet.

  • Can I control my inventory and stock?

    Yes. We know it is very important to control areas such as store or cafeteria, which generate additional profits for your company and deserve to be controlled efficiently.

  • The system allows me to control access without having turnstiles or biometrics?

    Yes. Normally investment in access control equipment are high, for this reason the system allows you to control access by entering the document number of the client, and control entry through doors controlled by electromagnet.

  • Can I control the payroll?

    Yes. We understand that making important part of the operational, accounting and financial operations of his company, for this reason the system lets you take control of payroll payments or fees.

  • Can I control business agreements with the system ...?

    Yes. Currently it is important to provide the services at the institutional level, with which an important share of customers is gained permanently.

  • I can control freezes the services billed?

    Yes. Because normally in the long-term plans and annuities semesters customers travel to vacation, and require their services are frozen for such periods.

  • The system can integrate and control multiple locations?

    Yes. The technology on which the system is designed, can integrate robust database, allowing interact with each other and reducing by 100% the delay in consultations between the databases.


  • Will you charge for each additional gym?

    Yes. Each additional seat has a special discount to the first seat. The reason is because they are separate databases to manage accounting, finance and controls each site in the form of plant costs and from a single control interface.

  • Will you charge for additional users?

    No. Being a cloud system allows connection of unlimited users, which are not billed.

  • Will you charge for additional computer ...?

    No. Being a cloud system allows unlimited connection equipment, which are not billed.

  • Will you charge for updates?

    No. When the company performs updates, these are uploaded automatically to all our users, and are not billed.

  • Will you charge training, from how many hours?

    Included in any of the plans up to 20 hours of training.

  • Do you sell the software?

    No. The reason is because new technologies are focusing on the cloud, they allow greater security, greater support, and a specialized team of engineers and ideal infrastructure to provide a flexible, robust and scalable service.

  • How can I get the IntelliGym service?

    When performing the transaction, after payment approval, you receive in your email the data for access to the technology platform.

  • What are the conditions and payment methods?

    Advance payment and payment of the monthly investment can be made by bank transfer or through Western Union, or you can pay online.

  • Are there any discounts?

    For licensing quarterly 5% to 10% semiannual and annual licensing 15%.

  • Cancellation clauses exist?

    No. Our goal is that you free to try our services deems the time you feel.


  • Do I need servers or special devices to use IntelliGym?

    No. IntelliGym is 100% online and does not require the purchase of servers, licenses or maintenance of machinery. It also has automatic backups and allows you to access the On-Line software from anywhere in the world. It is compatible with PC, MAC and smartphones.

  • Can I install the software on my computer?

    No. Because the current market trend systems has focused on the cloud, in order to facilitate access to them from any electronic device connected to the Internet, and from anywhere in the world.


  • How do I request support for IntelliGym?

    You can contact permanently with Skype, or submit a support request to our email.

  • How I can finish the service?

    All you need to do is ask formally termination of service by our e-Support.

  • You sell the turnstiles and biometric devices that control?

    No. But we have important business partners nationwide that will provide them the best quality and support for the maintenance of access control mechanisms.

  • When I do not wish to continue with the service, what happens to my database?

    During the time spent with our service, you can download your database at any time, because the information is his property and not ours.


  • My clients can self book online to separate classes?

    Yes. The trend is that customers book online.

  • My clients can view their physical evolution from your cell phone?

    Yes. Depending on their customers sign to his gym in order to obtain a physical result, for this reason allow you to query its evolution translates into loyalty and new upgrades for your gym.


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For licensing quarterly 5% to 10% semiannual and annual licensing 15%.

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